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 Huts and Campsites in Garibaldi Park

Thereare many huts and backcountry campsites along the trails. Some of these huts and campsites charge for overnight stay. Check with BC Parks for information on price.

Garibaldi/Sunshine Coast District
Alice Lake Park
P.O. Box 220, 13 km N of Squamish off Highway 99
Brackendale BC V0N 1H0
Phone: (604) 898-3678
Fax: (604) 898-4171


  • Black Tusk- Garibaldi, Black Tusk Trail / Capacity: Sleeps 10
  • Burton Hut- Garibaldi, Garibaldi Lake / Capacity: Sleeps 10 Features: Utensils
  • Diamond Head- Garibaldi, Elfin Lakes / Conditions: Fee Capacity: Sleeps 30 Features: Stove
  • Flavelle Hut- East of Garibaldi, North of Anniversary Glacier / Contact Squamish Rockclimbing Club, Capacity: Sleeps 15-20
  • Himmelsbach Hut- Garibaldi, Russet Lake / British Columbia Mountaineering Club / Capacity: Sleeps 12
  • Lizzie Creek Cabin- East of Garibaldi, Lizzie Lake / Capacity: Sleeps 8
  • Sentinel Glacier Huts- Garibaldi, Black Tusk Meadows / Contact: Department of the Environment, Glaciology Division, Capacity: Sleeps 4
  • Elfin Lake
  • Russet Lake
  • Wedgemont Lake


Backcountry Camping: The park has excellent backcountry camping along its trails. The backcountry campsites are as follows:

  • Diamond Head
  • Red Heather Campground
  • Elfin Lakes Campground
  • Black Tusk/Garibaldi Lake
  • Taylor Meadows
  • Garibaldi Lake
  • Cheakamus Lake
  • West End
  • Singing Creek
  • Castle Tower
  • Singing Pass
  • Northwest End Russet Lake
  • Wedgemont Lake
  • Northwest End Wedgemont Lake

Climbing: Black Tusk is a popular climb in the park, there is more great climbing just to the south in Squamish

Mountain Biking: Some areas of the park are restricted to mountain biking. Check with BC parks for which areas are open to mountain biking.

Fishing: Garibaldi Park offers several lakes and rivers with a variety of fish. Make sure you check the BC fishing regulations for the area as some lakes and rivers will be closed or restricted through out the yera. As well a fres water fishing licence is required to fish in rivers and lakes in British Columbia.

Wildlife: Garibaldi Park is teaming with a large variety of wildlife. And you will likely spot many creatures through out your hiking/camping experience. Keep in mind that the park is home to bears and that you should never approach or feed bears or other wildlife. Conatct BC Parks for more information on proper bear safe camping techniques.



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