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  Back-country Skiing in Garibaldi Park, BC

There is wonderful backcountry skiing at Garibaldi Park, rnaging from intermediate to expert. Chains will be required on vehilces to reach the parking lots of some areas. All skiers should be aware of avalanche hazards and should carry appropriate equipement for skiing in the backcountry. Skiers should contact the park for information on winter avalanche conditions.

Garibaldi Lake Intermediate

This is a good place to learn in the company of more advanced skiers. The trail head has very easy access but the road may be snow covered. You can ski for one to several days. You'll find a Vancouver Outdoor Club cabin along the trail.

Whistler Blackcomb Expert

There is access to the backcountry at the top of the ski lift. From Whistler Mountain you can reach singing pass. It's very easy access but the area is for expert backcountry skiers. Tours can be several hours to days long.

Black Tusk Intermediate

This is another popular destination for backcountry skiers in the park. There is a lot of touring in this area. There is easy access but the roads may be snow covered. The trail starts off with a healthy climb. You can ski several hours to several days.

McBride Range Expert

There are some extreme areas at McBride Range, with steep mountains and an extended traverse. This area can be access from Singing Pass. The area has the potential for tours of as long as ten days.

Singing Pass Intermediate

There is some great ski touring here with a lot of possibilities. There are huts available for someone looking to do a few days out. This area has very easy access from whistler mountain. There is a marked trail to the pass.

Garibaldi Traverse Expert

This hut-to-hut tour of over 45km is for the true back country skier. The area is easily accessed and includes includes spectacular views. It is a one way traverse which can be combined with several other park traverses to make up a trip of several weeks.

Diamond Head Intermediate

This is a very popular area. It's a good place for a skier to learn from someone more advanced. Again the access is easy but deep snow may provide a problem. A trip of one to several days is possible, there is a hut for over night excursions.

(Topigraphical Maps: 92.G.14, 92.G.15 1:50,00)



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